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Perfect Packages for the Bride, Groom and Wedding Party

BrowZnAround is the perfect place for the bride, groom, parents, and wedding party to get gorgeously groomed for the big day — from head to toe! Our studio can conveniently take care of all of your needs from makeup artisty, eyebrow sculpting, lash enhancements, hair removal, and spa parties, to grooming the groom and groomsmen… and more!

Custom Packages

We can customize packages to suit you and your wedding party.

Bridal Makeup Artistry Menu

Bridal Makeup Consultation complimentary
Our licensed esthetician makeup artists will discuss your makeup artistry needs with you and schedule your appointment.
Bridal Package 195
Includes 30-minute initial consultation, Ultimate Eyebrow Sculpting, test-run application, and wedding day photo/video-quality makeup application (2 hours, 30 min)
Bridal Wedding Day Application 120
Includes 30 minute initial consultation, Ultimate Eyebrow Sculpting and wedding day portrait/video-quality makeup application applied in a 45 minute session (1 hour, 15 min)
Bridal Portrait/Video Makeup 95
Includes initial consultation, Ultimate Eyebrow Sculpting and makeup application suitable for portrait and video lighting applied in a 30-minute session
Mother-of-the-Bride Wedding Day Package 95
Includes initial 30 minute consultation, Ultimate Eyebrow Sculpting and wedding day portrait/video-quality makeup applied in a 45-minute session
Mother-of-the-Bride Wedding Day Application 80
Includes Ultimate Eyebrow Sculpting, wedding day portrait/video-quality makeup applied in a 45-minute session
Bridesmaids Wedding Day Application 70 per person
Includes initial consultation with bride to determine look, Ultimate Eyebrow Sculpting and wedding day makeup applied in a 30 min session


Perfect eyebrows are THE foundation of perfect wedding day makeup. Your wedding photos will provide you with a life time of memories... that's a long time to look at misshapen eyebrows! Don't entrust that incredible responsibility to just any makeup artist or nail salon.

Ultimate Eyebrow Sculpting 20-25
Available in Tea Tree Crème Waxing, Sugaring, or Tweezing. No matter which option you chose, enjoy a fill-in with BrowZnAround Brow Perfector on us! For waxing, we use a premium natural tea tree créme wax that leaves skin smooth while protecting it from dryness and irritation.
Eyebrow Tinting Add-on 25
Darken eyebrow color or blend away grays with vegetable-based dyes. If you are new to eyebrow tinting, we recommended you try this at least one about a month in advance before your special day to be sure you are comfortable with the look, and that it is properly considered in your wedding day makeup design.

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Permanent Makeup

With permanent makeup, your eyebrow definition and eyeliner WON'T BUDGE at all!

MENU | Permanent Makeup by Stephanie Williams

LashDip™ Semi-Permanent Mascara

LashDip™ Semi-Permanent Mascara is THE most perfect mascara you and your bridal party can wear on your wedding day. Your lashes will look simply stunning in your wedding photographs. LashDip™ coats your lashes for up to 6 weeks, so you can get have your treatment well before the frenzy of your big day. And, no amount of tears will make it budge.

MENU | LashDip™ Semi-Permanent Mascara

Eyelashes Extensions

For your special day, we recommend that you choose long-wearing eyelashes that can be applied days in advance saving you time immediately before you walk down the aisle. Our premium eyelash extensions can stand up to a day of tears of joy.

Lavish Lashes™ 180
Individual semi-permanent lashes make your eyelashes appear thicker and longer.
Lasts 4-6 weeks.
Cluster Lashes 55
Applies cluster of eyelashes knotted together creating a flair
Band Eyelashes 12
Applies strip of temporary eyelashes for a glamorous night out

LEARN MORE | Lavish Lashes™ Extensions

MENU | Eyelash Enhancements

Facial + Body Hair Removal

MENU | Ladies Services

Bridal Skin Care

Skin Care Consultationcomplimentary
Along with eyebrows, your healthy skin forms the basis for beautiful wedding day makeup and photography. Begin nurturing your flawless wedding day skin well in advance.

Camouflage Makeup

Tattoo Coverup / Body Camouflageinquire
Tattoo coverup using Dermablend cosmetics. We can also cover vericose veins or other body blemishes.

Groom the Groom + Groomsmen

Get picture perfect with distinguished, masculine brows. And be sure to get smooth for the wedding night and that honeymoon get-away!

MENU | Guys Services

Get Picture Perfect Bridesmaids

Perfect Packages for the Bride, Groom, and Wedding Party

MENU | Beauty Bash Party

A BrowZnAround Beauty Bash Party is just what you need for photos you'll enjoy a lifetime. You can be sure you and your bridesmaids will have beautifully sculpted eyebrows, bare upper lips, and smooth underarms in those strapless dresses.

We can even include spa services including mani/pedis and facials… and massages so you all can relax before the big day.

BrowZnAround Beauty Bash Partiesare perfect for bachelorette parties you'll always remember.

Get the Party Started!
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For the Groom + Groomsmen

Get that masculine, naturally-defined look with the Ultimate GuyBrow Grooming

MENU | Guys Services

The Ultimate GuyBrow Grooming is just what you need to present that polished, well-groomed look on the big day… and get smooth for the wedding night and that tropical honeymoon get-away!

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