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What to Expect With Your Permanent Makeup Procedure

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Before + After Your Procedure

Post-Procedure Case Study:
Permanent Eyebrows and Upper and Lower Eyeliner

Immediately After

Permanent Makeup by Stephanie Williams at BrowZnAround Eyebrow Studio

Immediately after her permanent upper and lower eyeliner procedure, this client has expected swelling in the surrounding tissue, but very little discomfort.

She underwent a permanent eyebrow procedure during the same appointment. You can see there is very little redness around the eyebrows.

The Morning After

Permanent Makeup by Stephanie Williams at BrowZnAround Eyebrow Studio

The morning after, the client's eye area shows increased swelling. This usually occurs, and can last up to 72 hours.

The Afternoon After

Permanent Makeup by Stephanie Williams at BrowZnAround Eyebrow Studio

The afternoon after the procedure, her swelling has almost completely subsided, and there is no redness around the eyebrows or eyeliner. As to be expected, the pigment color still appears darker until ten days after the procedure by which time the intensity will soften to a natural, but defined finish.

What can I expect before the procedure?

First Stephanie Williams — your BrowZnAround expert permanent makup artist — will schedule a pre-procedure consultation where you will color-match your pigment with the desired permanent makeup area.

A security deposit is required at the consultation to schedule the actual permanent makeup appointment. The security deposit and procedure payment are non-refundable.

If you are having an eyebrow procedure, you will have an eyebrow sculpting to shape your natural brow to compliment your look. (Eyebrows must be waxed at least twenty-four hours before the procedure.)

Also at the consultation, you will complete all consent forms and receive pre-procedure instructions.

Come to your procedure appointment wearing your day-to-day conventional makeup as normal. This will show Stephanie how you wear your makeup and how light or heavy to go with your permanent makeup application.

The procedure will be comfortably completed and Stephanie will talk you through post-procedure instructions for aftercare.

What can I expect immediately after the procedure?

Expect slight swelling and redness. Usually the swelling goes away within forty-eight hours. Initially, your permanent makeup will appear darker, brighter and thicker than how it will appear after healing.

Eyebrows: After an eyebrow procedure, the area appears dark and slightly red. The pigment usually appears much darker than it will actually be. This is because the healing process is still taking place. Once the area heals, the darkness of the pigment will appear natural and will blend well with your naturally growing eyebrow hairs.

Eyeliner: Red, teary eyes are typical after an eyeliner procedure.

During your procedure, we will give you a specially-prepared guide of post-procedure care instructions and explain them to you thoroughly. The guide will include instructions for minimizing swelling and explain what you can expect during each week of your healing process.

What about the days and weeks after?

Stephanie will carefully review with you our specially-prepared post-procedure care instructions to ensure that you heal quickly and comfortably.

What happens in the follow-up procedure?

A follow-up procedure corrects any possible uneven color or adds more pigment to darken the application. This follow-up is typically scheduled four weeks after the first procedure to allow the procedure area to heal.

Permanent Makeup
Before / After

Permanent makeup before / after

These photos show the amazing permanent makeup transformations of Stephanie's actual clients.

Permanent Makeup
by Stephanie Williams

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We Fix Permanent Makeup Mistakes

Stephanie Williams at BrowZnAround Eyebrow Studio fixes permanent makeup mistakes. Wake up from your permanent makeup nightmare.

Wake up from your permanent makeup nightmare!

Stephanie fixes uneven shape, mis-matched color, and a host of other mistakes made by less skilled permanent makeup technicians.

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