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Wake up with make up. Permanent cosmetics at BrowZnAround Eyebrow Studio

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Wake Up with Makeup!

Imagine having perfectly sculpted eyebrows, gorgeously defined eyes, a flawless lash line, and sensual lips... all without ever having to reapply! You can literally have the leisure to "wake up with makeup" with permanent cosmetics expertly applied by BrowZnAround Eyebrow Studio's licensed permanent makeup and Master Eyebrow Artist Stephanie Williams.

Permanent makeup — also known as micropigmentation — is a traditional tattooing art form. Pigment is inserted into the skin's dermal layer to create or enhance cosmetic appearance.

At BrowZnAround, Stephanie uses The SofTap® Hand Method, a leading, high-end technique highly-regarded in the field for its safety and accuracy.

What is The SofTap® Hand Method used at BrowZnAround?

The SofTap® Hand Method is a technique that utilizes a hand tool that “taps” pigment into the skin using a small hand instrument. The tapping motion of the hand tool gives precise placement leaving natural and perfect results.

What are the advantages of Stephanie Williams's skill and The SofTap® Hand Method?

The technique is sanitary

Tools are pre-sterilized and discarded after every client.

The technique is gentle

You will be at ease and comfortable during the procedure.

Healing time is reduced

The skin recovers faster because this method is gentle.

It produces a more natural appearance

SofTap® colors are thick, rich and creamy, rendering a soft, natural look.

Stephanie uses the tool to draw "hair strokes", also known as feathering. This gives a more natural, hair-like look and lightly fills in the brows with natural color.

The results are tailored to your wishes

Eyeliner can be applied on the top or lower lid giving a fine line, a more dramatic smudgy effect, or a lash enhancement to the top lid.

Permanent Makeup
Before / After

Permanent makeup before / after

These photos show the amazing permanent makeup transformations of Stephanie's actual clients.

Permanent Makeup
by Stephanie Williams

The Best Permanent Eyebrows Ever!! Bjb007 on Citysearch

North Carolina Board Certified Esthetician

Master Ultimate Eyebrow Artist

NC Board Certified in Micropigmentation

OSHA Certified in Bloodborne Pathogens

Lavish Lashes Certified Professional

We Fix Permanent Makeup Mistakes

Stephanie Williams at BrowZnAround Eyebrow Studio fixes permanent makeup mistakes. Wake up from your permanent makeup nightmare.

Wake up from your permanent makeup nightmare!

Stephanie fixes uneven shape, mis-matched color, and a host of other mistakes made by less skilled permanent makeup technicians.

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